what a!

this morning i have the opportunity to teach the grade 5 student. yeah it was really an unforgettable experience for me being a firt timer teacher. one of my student told me ” sir magdula ta ug basketbol.”. what really struck me most was he was laughing. at that time student was so noisy. what i did was i just keep quiet in the corner of the class and what a great surprise student keep quite now i know what to do..
again this afternoon i have the chance to sit in ina a preschooler classroom. it was indeed a great challenge for a pre-school teacher to become more patience. like little students were very innocenr. some of them dont even know how to hold their pencil. there are learners also who always crying everytime they notice that their mother is not around and some of them were hyper active…
thus for this i salute the teacher who knows how to sacrifice and give themselves just for these little children and for that i congratulate you all

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my top three Multiple intelligences:

My top three intelligences:
Intelligence Score (5.0 is highest) Description
3.71 Social: I like to develop ideas and learn from other people. I like to talk. You have good social skills. Effective techniques of enhancing my learning using my social intelligence include taking part in group discussions or discussing a topic one-to-one with another person. Find ways to build reading and writing exercises into your group activities, such as:
• Reading a dialogue or a play with other people
• Doing team learning/investigating projects
• Setting up interview questions and interviewing your family, and writing down the interview
• Writing notes to another instead of talking.
2.57 Self: I have a very good sense of self. I like to spend time by yourself and think things over. I will often take in information from another person, mull it over by myself, and come back to that person later to discuss it. I like working on projects on your own. I often prefer to learn by trial and error. Effective techniques to enhance your learning include keeping a journal and giving yourself time to reflect on new ideas and information. More ideas:
• Go on “guided imagery” tours.
• Set aside time to reflect on new ideas and information.
• Encourage journal writing.
• Work on the computer.
• Practice breathing for relaxation.
• Use brainstorming methods before reading.
• Listen to and read “how to” tapes and books.
• Read cookbooks.
2.43 Body Movement: I like to move, dance, wiggle, walk, and swim. I am likely good at sports, and I have good fine motor skills. I may enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together. Incorporating body movement into your learning will help me process and retain information better. Here are some ideas.
• Trace letters and words on each other’s back.
• Use magnetic letters, letter blocks, or letters on index cards to spell words.
• Take a walk while discussing a story or gathering ideas for a story.
• Make pipe cleaner letters. Form letters out of bread dough. After you shape your letters, bake them and eat them!
• Use your whole arm (extend without bending your elbow) to write letters and words in the air.
• Change the place where you write and use different kinds of tools to write, ie., typewriter, computer, blackboard, or large pieces of paper.
• Write on a mirror with lipstick or soap.
• Take a walk and read all the words you find during the walk.
• Handle a Koosh ball or a worry stone during a study session.
• Take a break and do a cross-lateral walk.
The scores for your other five intelligences:

2.43 2.29 2 1.43 1.29
Just because these five are not in your top three doesn’t mean you’re not strong in them. If your average score for any intelligence is above three, you’re probably using that intelligence quite often to help you learn. Take a look at the Practice section to see how to engage all your intelligences.

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Highlights on the February 27, 2013 class session

This morning we discussed about the teaching strategy on experiential learning. Secondly is on Active learning. Thirdly is on case method and the cooperative learning. Accordingly, Case Method. Providing an opportunity for students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life experiences has proven to be an effective way of both disseminating and integrating knowledge. The case method is an instructional strategy that engages students in active discussion about issues and problems inherent in practical application. It can highlight fundamental dilemmas or critical issues and provide a format for role playing ambiguous or controversial scenarios. Thus, experience is indeed important in learning for it gave impact in every person’s life. Especially when the subject talks about Christian Living. The teacher then will be able to describe one’s own experience.
On the other hand, Active Learning. One author describe active learning as learning environments that allow “students to talk and listen, read, write, and reflect as they approach course content through problem-solving exercises, informal small groups, simulations, case studies, role playing, and other activities — all of which require students to apply what they are learning” (p. xi). Many studies show that learning is enhanced when students become actively involved in the learning process. Instructional strategies that engage students in the learning process stimulate critical thinking and a greater awareness of other perspectives. Although there are times when lecturing is the most appropriate method for disseminating information, current thinking in college teaching and learning suggests that the use of a variety of instructional strategies can positively enhance student learning. Obviously, teaching strategies should be carefully matched to the teaching objectives of a particular lesson.
Thus in a classroom setting especially in a high school setting it is indeed important that the student must have an active participation in the class. For it will give an opportunity of every student to express their own thought, reflections, learnings and insights. On the other hand, this will give the student the avenue to think critically in the signs of times. For me, it is indeed important that a student must know how to articulate in expressing their thoughts for them to enhance their self- confidence and their self –esteem as well.
The other types of teaching strategy that we discussed is the Cooperative Learning. Some authors’ say; that Cooperative Learning is a systematic pedagogical strategy that encourages small groups of students to work together for the achievement of a common goal. The term ‘Collaborative Learning’ is often used as a synonym for cooperative learning when, in fact, it is a separate strategy that encompasses a broader range of group interactions such as developing learning communities, stimulating student/faculty discussions, and encouraging electronic exchanges. Both approaches stress the importance of faculty and student involvement in the learning process.
When integrating cooperative or collaborative learning strategies into a course, careful planning and preparation are essential. Understanding how to form groups, ensure positive interdependence, maintain individual accountability, resolve group conflict, develop appropriate assignments and grading criteria, and manage active learning environments are critical to the achievement of a successful cooperative learning experience. Before you begin, you may want to consult several helpful resources which are contained in Appendix N. In addition, the Program in Support of Teaching and Learning can provide faculty with supplementary information and helpful techniques for using cooperative learning or collaborative learning in college classrooms.
Thus, teaching strategy will help the student to enhance and develop the importance of the teamwork in a class. Moreover a real team is the one who don’t only compete of ones achievement but rather a real team is the one who work and help one another for a greater cause which is the unity.

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Highlights of the February 20, 2013 Class Demonstration

This morning our class demonstration focuses on the following methods of teaching first is the visual materials. Second, is on the good classroom management. Thirdly, is on how to have a good teaching strategy. Fourthly is on encouraging student participation in the discussion. Fifth, is about the interactive lecture. And the last topic that we have discussed is on requiring the student on how to question. This topic on teaching strategy help me realize how important class participation inside the four corners of the classroom setting. As a teacher in the future I am then reminded to let the student participate in the class.
In this reaction paper of mine I want to focuses more on the role of the teacher. Thru this, I came to realize that teacher must know how to make planning. Our professor in the person of Ms. A always emphasize that the success of the teacher can be determined if the teacher knows how to plan creatively.
I remember the time when I am still high school student one of our teacher in Christian living who is a nun always obliged us to memorize the prayers especially the Holy Rosary; the hail Mary, Our Father, Glory be and so on. But then we just memorize without any impact of our life. Thus, there are teachers who don’t know how to deepen the subject matter. Some of the teacher just injects knowledge of the mind but then others forget the importance of letting the student feel the importance of this knowledge not just by head but also teaching the student some basic things that allows them to become a better person.
In today’s generation I always encounter young men and women with brilliant minds. Young people of today were indeed advance they are very confident on what they do and what they this. Moreover the duty of every teacher is to develop these greatness of heart of every young men and women in expressing their own thoughts and insights in every topic that the teacher discussed.
In our society today we always believe that in everyday that we have had we always encounter wounded young men and women in our class. Thus as a teacher we don’t only teach theories but rather a good teacher must know how to integrate moral, values and virtues in the class.
That as a teacher we must know how to formed these young people not just to make them intelligent but rather as a teacher his or her basic role is to develop and formed these young people to become integrated person. A person who knows how to appreciate life. The teacher must play as a mentor who knows how to guide his or her student. In encouraging the student to participate one thing that needs to develop her is the relationship between the teacher and his or her student. If this thing develops then the student will develop the confidence to develop and express what he or she learned in the class. Moreover a good teacher knows how to have a good rapport between him and the student

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Highlights of the of the learning strategy last February 13, 2013

This morning our classmates present a class teaching demonstration these are the games or simultaneous teaching presented to us by Seminarian Oswaldo Paduganao Jr. This teaching strategy able to help me how important the mastery of subject matter. The reporter used game in the said activity he used the cross word. The activity able to help me appreciate the importance of a game inserted in a class. The second class demonstration is the demonstrative method. The said teaching method presented to us is somehow difficult for us to get the topic because the reporter assigned in the said activity is didn’t simply enough in teaching the topic. Prayer is a general topic. Thus, it needs to be simply enough. Teaching high school student effectively it should be student- centered where each student were given a chance to participate. Thus, to become an effective teacher for a high school student it should be teaching done not in a teacher centered but a student-centered.
On the other hand, this day one of our also demonstrated by integrating the technology. In a school it is also important to use resources. Having gadgets like LDP for an effective teaching atmosphere. The reporter uses the video clips for a better understanding. Thus, integrating movie clips and animations is a wonderful to let the student think and reflect on what they saw.
Moreover to become a good and effective teacher, the teacher must be creative enough in integrating all the resources he or she has. A good teacher is creative enough in doing what he or she has. But then I came to realize that in teaching, it is not so much of the high technology that a school has. The work of the teacher is not so much of teaching what she or he read in the textbook but rather the teacher must give his or her very best so that he can share more to his students.
It is indeed true that a person cannot give what he doesn’t have. Thus in order for the person to share something great to others he as a person must know how to discover what he have as a person. For me the creativity of every teacher depends on how he or she give her very best to discover ones uniqueness. As a teacher it is an avenue for us to discover the talents and potentials of each of our students. And every teacher’s duty is to inspire these young people of today’s generation.
In my own point of view teaching needs a lot of courage. Thus as a teacher it is important for him to really sacrifice to give oneself the passion to teach. The highlights that I have learn in the strategy that our classmates are the lesson to become confident in everything that a teacher do in his or her class. It is important because it serves as an asset of a teacher.

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Lesson Plan on Debate

Lesson/Author Sem. Paul Francis P. Bacomo
Date of Demonstration  

March 6,2013

Lesson Title: Marriage and the Issue of Divorce
Year Level/ Subject Area:/ Context  

Fourth Year High School, Christian Living

Students Present Level of Performance and Skills The student already attended the discussion on Marriage prior to the debate. The students were also assigned to make a research about the issue of Divorce
Short Description of the Lesson: The lesson revolves around Marriage and the Issue of the RH bill, the lesson will also give the opportunity to develop the student critical thinking and their communication skills.
Instructional Objectives At the end of the lesson and the activity, the student should be able to:

–          Differentiate marriage and divorce and to discover the importance of Marriage

–           To make a stance in the issue of Marriage and divorce to develop the student reasoning skill.

Materials, Resources Needed For the Discussion : Book, netbook and LDP, stopwatch, bell
Anticipatory Focus Entry: The teacher will conduct a short preliminary, opening prayer, greet the students. The teacher will also ask the question;

–          What is Marriage.

–          Who among you here wanted to have a family in the future?

–          If you have a family how many children you want to have?

–          What is divorce?



Instructional Procedure -The teacher will do some preliminaries such as telling the student to arrange their chairs, to keep quiet. After the preliminaries the teacher will then lead the prayer.

– The teacher will ask the student if they are aware about the Divorce bill.

– He will then ask question about their perception towards marriage and Divorce and the importance of marriage in their lives.

-At this point the teacher will discuss to the students on the importance of the sacrament of marriage.

-Upon opening up for today’s activity, he must first set the class atmosphere, making sure that they are all ready.

-After the making sure that the class is now ready for today’s discussion, he will now present today’s what to do.

– Since today’s activity is on debate, the teacher will systematically and orderly present the ways in doing the activity. The teacher will explain to the students the things that will happen in a way that students will observe the flow.

– to divide the class into two  the anti-Divorce bill, pro Divorce bill, and the observer /judges.

-One of the student is asked to read the mechanics flashed in the LDP:

– Conducting the Debate.

– After the debate, this is now the time that the teacher will entertain some clarifications/ questions on the side of the students

Guided Practice and Structional Strategies: Debate Method



Reflection After ending the activity, the teacher will ask the students to share the learnings that they have gained.

–          How important the Sacrament of Marriage in our Christian lives?

–          Is it justifiable pass the divorce bill in our country?

Closure: The Teacher will ask the student if they are in favor of the implementation of the bill in our country.

–          Marriage is a unique sacrament and a natural covenant of love as the image of God the Creators’ absolute and unfailing love.

Assignment The student will be asked to draw any object that symbolizes love in the family. They need to draw it in a short bond paper. For them to have an idea on a picture of n ideal family.
Evaluation The students will asked about their stance on the Divorce bill.
















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67 mistakes of teaching A Reflection paper

Teaching is not just a profession. It is a vocation that needs to be nurtured  and cultivated so that he/ she will become more credible  enough to teach.  In the class Ms. Amphie always emphasize the importance of planning of a teacher. Accordingly,  Lacking knowledge and preparation or planning is indeed miserable. Planning is indeed important to become a good an effective teacher. It determines the expertise of the teacher.  Thus, a good teacher is the one who study, research and read more for him or her to share a lot towards his or her student.  Moreover, a good teacher always updates his learning style so that he or she may become teacher. Competent and expert in the field of vocation he has.

Planning is important because it is a manifestation of the teachers passion to teach. It will make a teacher become an effective and a great teacher in his or her students. Thus, a  teacher doesn’t only rely on the stock knowledge he has possess but rather he  or she must study, research for him to become more equipped.

To become a teacher is not a privilege but it is a responsibility. The sixty-seven mistake of teaching is a manifestation of the disorder attitude of a teacher. Some of the teacher if not all were mediocre enough being contented of the small things they have had. Teaching is an a venue for the person to give more. Giving more time to study, to research and to give magis  or giving more for the sake of the young people of God. on the other hand the teacher must know his limitation, being humble enough to accept the fact that he or cannot do all the things he or she wanted to do but rather there must be a good collaboration between the teacher and the student as well.

The success of a teacher is determined on how well and good his or her student perform in the class. Thus, a teacher does not only inject knowledge in the mind of the student but rather the teachers role is to inject values and virtues  in every students lives.

By encouraging his or her student to study hard for them to cultivate and enhance the spirit of perseverance and hardworking student. So that the student may realize that they study not just for the grade sake but rather they study for their life and their own future. On the other hand the teacher must have the compassion and love of teaching his or her student because in this way he or she may able to develop good relationship into his or her student. Establishing a good teacher-student relationship will lead to a productive classroom atmosphere so to speak.

Teacher is a powerful vocation, because teacher tends to formed the young people to become a competent people in the future. Thus teacher must teach what is right and teaching effectively  is manifested in teaching difficult ideas into a simple one. teaching then is a grace from God.



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Worst Teaching Mistakes

I was invited to make a teaching demonstration in one of the school of Cagayan de Oro. That demo  taught me with many lessons in life. Especially on how to become an effective teacher.  First lesson learned; is to know the school first, their mission and vision, the way they greet each other before class these are just simple things to remember.

it is really not that easy to teach, It needs a lot to consider. first is that to really asked myself the lesson that i teach with my student is relevant in their life. The mastery of a teacher not just on the terminology or the term that a teacher teach. Thus teaching is not just echoing that things that we read in a textbook but rather teaching means simplifying things so that the student could apply the things they learned in their day to day life.

A student then doesn’t only need an intelligent teacher but a good teacher is the one who knows how to stimulate the students interest in their class. A teacher who knows how to give spices with the boring lessons that he/she taught.

After giving the demo class i feel that the principal is not impressed on what i did. Through this experience i realized that there are many thing i need to know on how to become an effective teacher. that to become a teacher is not just to be satisfied of what i heard from the class the theories ,the techniques but rather to really learn through my own experience which is to explore things, to research more techniques and to apply it into my life. thus to become a preacher needs to have a proper training and formation for the greater Glory of God.

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Learning is the consequence of Experience

Many believe  that experience brings a lot of  lessons to our life. as a person grows older and mature the wisdom of that person is indeed that wonderful. According the Hume a philosopher that knowledge is based on experience. As a person experienced life then he has a lot of learning in life.

As a person  and as a seminarian I encounter a lot of experience that somehow taught me how to deal life. I’ve been exposed to many place being exposed in a rehabilitation center, for those people who become addicted, to a mental hospital, interfaith dialogue and many other. Thus this exposure taught me a lesson on what really life is. My experience becomes an avenue for me to know the wisdom of life.

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Learning is A Painful Process

Pain is the most essential feeling we need in life. To feel pain is an indication that we are a normal person. Pain is a good expression that we are alive and being conscious of what we do. I read a lot of books about the successful people in the society. And most of them affirmed that the success they have in their is not an overnight job. But rather the success that they have now is the product of their own sacrifice and perseverance.

For me all of these people are not that intelligent with an IQ of 170 but rather they become more generous to give time to learn not just to know the theories and the terminologies but rather to know how to become open and not to compromise things.

I always heard some people saying ” Wala may nasapian sa pagskwela” honestly, I feel pity for those people making such statement as an excuse.  For me studying or learning is not because we wanted to become rich.  Learning is indeed a painful process because it makes a person become more human.

To learn is not an easy thing to do. Being a student in order for me to learn I need to be generous enough with my time to give and devout myself to study in order for me to give more to others.  Learning is a responsibility, it is already given and provided to God for us all we need to do is to cultivate, nurture thus to have a responsibility is not an easy thing to do it entails a lot of giving.

Therefore learning is a painful process because, it needs action, it needs more sacrifice. It is an investment of time and effort. The challenge that we are facing now is that we must tame people to have the courage and the motivation to learn. By explaining to them that learning is also a ways of how we discipline our own self and in order for us to become more ready in facing the challenges of life.

Learning not for the Diploma but for Life.”

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